Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Orpans Thanksgiving

Every year we host a Thanksgiving dinner at our home for anyone and everyone who needs a place to go.  Whether it’s old friends who just want to share a meal or new friends who need a place to go.  We make it a point to invite people who can’t spend the holidays with family or don’t have family to visit.  We had our Orphans Thanksgiving today.

I’ll admit, we didn’t have many folks show up, but we were able to share a wonderful home cooked meal with a few new friends.  What a blessing to be able to share the bounty we have been blessed with. 

The ham was especially tasty.  We used a new butcher this year for our pigs and he did a great job.  We raise purebred Berkshire hogs which have a more marbled fat content.  In addition, we fed our pigs milk by products from our cheese making operation.  We’ve heard that milk fed pigs are among the best, and I would have to agree.

We’ll be having another Thanksgiving meal on Thursday with family.  Jenny’s family is traveling in from various parts of the Western United States. We are looking forward to sharing our home with family as well.

I may go out deer hunting in the morning.  It kind of depends on whether or not the weather is cold enough for the muddy ground to freeze.  Judging from the thermometer tonight it should be.  It would be nice to take a deer and add a hundred pounds of venison to the larder.  I’d like to make some venison salami among other things.  Either way, it’s a relaxing way to spend a few hours out in the field in the morning.  I’ll also be setting up my goose blind soon.  We’ve seen a few geese fly by and it’s probably getting to be about the right time of year. 

Come to the Feast.  We have been blessed with such abundance it only seems right to share it with others.  We invite others to come break bread at our table even as we have been invited to break bread at Christ’s table.


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