Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Barn tour

Here are some pictures of the interior and exterior of our barn. We are going to be re-furbishing it as best we can to use it for goats and pigs. The first order of business will be closing the hay door. The cables and pulleys that used to pull it closed have broken leaving it open to the winter wind.
We also have a little foundation work to do. The foundation is made of field stone and has crumbled in a ten foot section. The rest of the foundation looks pretty secure though.
The barn siding needs some patching, and the glass is missing from every window there is. To start with we will be patching the worst holes and replacing windows with old mismatched windows from a construction junkyard in town.

And now for the good news! The area where will be keeping the goats is already snug and secure. All it needs is one window and two doors. The doors will be easy enough to make, even with our limited skills.
There are also three good solid cattle milking stalls that we can easily use for goat milking. All of the gates and boards are in usable condition.
It is a daunting task, but after long thought it seems much more reasonable to slowly invest in the barn. It is structurally sound, the roof has very few holes in it, the planks in the walls can be replaced, and the windows can be covered. We are pleased with our re-assessment with the barn. Originally we had almost written it off. It is one of the most beautiful assets on our property.

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