Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wandering Moose Farm

We finally decided on a name for our new farm. Wandering Moose Farm. Maybe it sounds like the name of a hunting lodge, but we do have moose who wander through the area. We saw the tracks of one in the orchard a couple of weeks ago.

We picked up 12 young Buff Orpington laying hens today. They will bring the number of our laying hens to 35. This should be perfect for the farmer's market this summer.

So far there has not been much pecking order action going on. The rooster has been doing a little dance around the new birds. He seems intrigued, but has not attempted to mate with them yet. He is usually pretty good at keeping the pecking order in line and peaceful. They are beautiful, beautiful birds. Very healthy looking. We'll see what happens with egg production in the next couple of weeks when things settle.

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