Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cheese tasting

We got to taste our homemade cheddar cheese the other day. I would say it was a success. It turned out as a sort of medium-sharp cheddar. Its texture is good and it holds together, but it is not the sort of thing you'd melt onto a grilled cheese sandwich. We had it on crackers with salmon, on crackers with salami, and I had some in an omelet. It was good all around. At present it is not a money saver. It is mostly just a hobby. At some point I'd like to barter for bulk milk, and later we'd like to have our own dairy goats. Idaho's food safety laws make it impossible for small dairy farmers to operate, so our milk supply is controlled by a few large dairy operations. We would love to support a small local dairy farmer with our business, but that is not possible. That said, it may be legal to barter or to trade labor with a local milk producer for some goat's milk until we get our own goats.

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  1. That just looks so pretty! You could use one as a nice Holiday Gift. Great job!