Sunday, December 13, 2009

Puppy Pictures! The hunting puppy is born.

Puppy Pictures! Here are pictures from the breeder of our newborn puppy. We are so excited for a new addition to our animal menagerie. She will receive some initial hunting related training at the breeder, but most of the training will fall to us when we bring her home. She comes from great hunting lines, and labs are easier to train than some other hunting breeds. The earliest we could get her hunting would be the grouse season in September, but she may be able to help out with the rabbit control hunting I do on the property. There will plenty of training to be done before September. She looks like a beautiful dog. We are first on the list for a female and only one was born. So contingent on vet approval and our inspection, this may be her. We are blessed. I've never had it so good.

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