Monday, March 1, 2010

All sorts of good stuff

Bird hunting season has ended, but here are some pictures of Luna's first bird, a gray partridge, before the end of season. At other times she has smelled birds and gotten "birdy", but this time she was distracted. She didn't really retrieve it either, but I gave her the smell of it. So she should be more mature next season. Grouse starts in September. Rabbits are still open, so maybe we can get into one or two before the end of that season.

She is growing and learning at an incredible rate. We are praying that she'll turn into a good hunting dog, but it's hard to imagine when she's still got so much puppy in her. We took her out for a nice long hike the other day.
We've got more and more bulbs coming up in the yard. Tulips, crocus, and snowdrops. One other flower I can't identify.

We planted some seeds indoors in the grow room last night. Lettuce and basil. We will plant tomatoes and peppers as soon as the heat mat we ordered gets here. I can't wait until little plants start growing. Spring is definitely on it's way. We even have the windows open today although it is a little chilly in the house. It's nice to get some air.

It's back to teaching today after a nice weekend. Say a little prayer and jump right into it. It'll be a fine day, even if I have the Monday morning blues a little bit.

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  1. Luna is getting big! and so pretty!
    They have that puppy in them a long time don't they?
    Our Mojo is nearly a year now and he is still non-stop Puppy.