Friday, March 5, 2010

Garlic is up in the garden!

Wow, garlic in the garden! I just looked back in our garden journal and I guess it's not unusually early. It just always seems so early. We planted over 300 hundred plants in 6 varieties. Unfortunately, the straw mulch and row tags got all messed around in a blizzard and we don't know which variety is which. Colleen will chide me about that. It's really not my fault though. I think I may plant one more variety. It's been so dry I think I can till a bed.

We have snowdrops, violets, and crocus coming up too. What a beautiful riot of spring flowers came with the house. I don't know what half the flowers we have are.I had a relaxing day with Luna. I had planned on taking her hiking, but I just let her run crazy while I did farm chores and that wore her out. I finished building the ramp to the pig area, gathered up piles and piles of branches and old leaves and grass, and built a big burn pile. Later, Luna almost got a chicken. Well, in fact she got a chicken butt feather. We have one chicken who keeps escaping from the run. We don't know how. She's gonna get et if she doesn't watch out. Another beautiful sunny day on the Palouse. Life is good.

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