Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clean(er) Barn!

We worked on cleaning the barn today. We had four friends come out and help clean. We paid them and served a huge farm dinner. Ham, green beans and bacon, salad, cooked carrots, and rolls. It was a hot, dirty, nasty job.

This is all the manure and moldy hay we pulled out of there.

We got the two sides of the barn cleaned. One for goats and one for pigs. The old manure was two feet deep in places and had hardened like concrete. It came out in big slabs in some cases. We had a pleasant surprise on the first part of the job. The first side was in better condition than we had anticipated.

The other side, which was where the old milking stalls are, was not in as good a shape. Many of the boards have collapsed and there may be an issue of mud running down the hillside and under the barn. That could mean the foundation has already crumbled and the supports may be rotted. I'll poke around in there tomorrow and see if I can find any answers. In any event, it is still usable. It just gives me something to worry about.
We worked our butts off! It was a great way to connect with friends and foster a sense of community. Working together and breaking bread together. It doesn't get any better than that.

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  1. Sparked a memory. Although we've never had cows, when my kids were young I had a friend who had some. We were planning to buy part of bull from them. My kids thought it was awful that the calf's name was 'Hamburger'. Until... we went to help them clean out the stall after winter one day. Then the kids said they could not wait to get some beef from Ol' Hamburger. They figured if someone would do that job, it must be worth it. :-)