Thursday, March 4, 2010

First starts of spring are up!

The first starts of spring are up in the grow room! We have lettuce growing. We also planted two varieties of tomatoes, Muscovich and Burbank, on the heat mat tonight. The basil is planted as well. Now we have to figure out how to keep the cats from stepping on the tender little plants.

We were turned on to beef knuckles as a way to keep Luna from chewing everything in sight. At least for a little while, it attracted her entire attention. She is such a little darling, but she is getting big so fast.

My teaching week is over. It was a pleasant week. I felt pretty serene for most of it. Wrapped up the week by sitting outside with Luna watching her eat a cow hip bone she found. I thought I heard a pheasant in the yard. A nice hawk was perched on the windmill.

Now all the critters are asleep and I'm just relaxing and listening to a little music. Life is good.

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