Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daffodils are here...

Daffodils are blooming in the front yard. Every couple of days we get a new surprise. The former owner of our house planted thousands, I'm not exaggerating, of bulbs and perennials. It was a glorious, sunny day today. I took a walk with Colleen and Luna at dawn and listened to the birds waking up. Then at least a dozen geese landed in the fields. Later I was able enjoy the sunshine after I got home from teaching. We went for another walk with Luna and some friends. Luna was so excited to meet some new humans. We saw a couple of the gray partridges that seem to be nesting all over the property.
I'm going to start working on another phase of the barn restoration on Friday with the help of a neighbor. We are going to take the broken hay loft door, salvage the boards, and then nail them permanently in place. We have no need for a second story hay loft door (big enough to drive through) and we can't close it any other way. The pulleys are all a hundred years old and the cables are broken. I'm sure it will be a big project, but hopefully we can get it done in a day.

Then Colleen and I will be going to a conference Friday night and all day Saturday on local, sustainable agriculture. It is called Food on the Table. We are going to workshops on local processing for meat and value added products and to one on starting your farm and bringing your goods to market. It should be great. Both workshops fit our needs perfectly.

The garlic is going great. Or maybe I should say it is a qualified success. We have LOTS of garlic coming up, but we don't have as much as we had hoped for to sell at market. We were hoping for 300-500 garlic bulbs, but I'm seeing fewer than that. If I can, I will try to plant more for a late harvest. The seedlings are going great guns in the grow room. Which reminds me, I need to water them.

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