Friday, March 12, 2010

More garlic, more plants inside, more spring cleaning

I've been uncovering more and more garlic in the garden, although that may not be such a good idea as it's supposed to snow a little bit. It shouldn't hurt it. It's only going down to 30 degrees. If it sounds like it's really going to freeze I'll mulch it again.

We have basil, several kinds of tomatoes, spinach, and lettuce up in the grow room. Peppers and more tomatoes on the way. Jalepeno, Habenero, Paprika, Chocolate Bells, Hot Wax, and Early Crisp Bells.

Just finished a major seed order to Territorial seeds. We're ordering rhubarb this year. I hope it takes.

We've got a ton of spring cleaning projects listed out. There's no way we'll get to them all this weekend. Pruning fruit trees, cleaning brush piles, assembling a refrigerator we got for free (we had to take the doors off of it. We are going to use it for eggs and produce for the farmers market.), picking up trash and various farm stuff, picking up tools from the work day...the list goes on and on.

We've got a ton more flowers on the way in the garden too. Just waiting for one more sunny, warm day. If we get a warm spell, I'll bet we get a hundred flowers all at once.

I'll be looking at our garden journal and at the gardening books to see when we can start moving some of the lettuce outside and planting radishes. Not right away I'm sure, but maybe in a few weeks.

I know the spring seems so early this year, but we could still have a big cold, snowy week that would kill anything that was outside. I have some cold frames made of pvc that I could put back up from last year.

On another note, I keep getting more and more hours of teaching work. Not that I'm complaining, but it's getting to be just about all I am interested in doing. The money is nice, but after a certain point it just gets too stressful. For the moment I am happy and content. Let's keep it that way.

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  1. I've been doin' the 'should I uncover it or not?' thing too. I've been uncovering lots of herbs and perennials, but some I'm letting stay sheltered more--like my rosemary--I cannot believe she's still kicking! It was so cold for her sort. ;)